GRT Countryside Care
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Tracks and Paths Maintenance
Track and path maintenance

GRT Countryside Care covers all aspects of track and path restoration / maintenance. We use a 2.8m wide Stone Crusher and a specialised narrow 1.3m wide Stone Crusher for this purpose.

These specialized machines can recycle the existing surface of the path to give an even, natural surface without the need of importing expensive stone which can alter P.H. values in the area with water run off and which sometimes can look very unnatural.

The narrow 1.3m wide stone crusher is the only machine of this size in the country and its unique narrow width allows it to access bridleways, rights of ways and can also be used for maintenance of disabled access, canal paths, park and cycling paths.

So whether it is a farm drive or a footpath in the middle of nowhere, GRT Countryside Care can achieve the surface you are looking for in the most environmentally friendly possible way.