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Mire Restoration
mire restoration projects

Over the last 3 years GRT Countryside Care has been working alongside The Exmoor National Parks on 9 different restoration projects with an aim to re-wet drained moorland and brings wildlife back to bogs and upland streams.

Restoration halts oxidation and promotes active peat growth, thus increasing the absorption of CO2 from the atmosphere. The restoration could play a major role in mitigating against atmospheric CO2 rises.

The principal restoration method is the use of on-site peat/ditch spoil to build water resistant dams. Moorland bales are used in conjunction with wooden dams and the peat blocks. The bales are cut from moorland where restoration is taking place.

The timber we use for building the wooden dams is locally sourced Western Red Cedar and milled on our farm. All our machinery is run on bio-oil to limit the risk of pollution. For transporting materials across the moors we use specialized low ground pressure tracked machines. These machines have less ground pressure than half of a human footprint.

The end result of all our work is a perfect repair job. On the entire site GRT Countryside care restored so far, the results are looking good. The blocked up ditches have become a wildlife heaven for moorland birds, insects and plants.